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Looking good, not perfect, is the goal of facial plastic surgeon.Prospective patients expecting more are not good candidate for surgery. Prior to consulting with me it is very important for you to assess your own motives for surgery. These will be among the first topics I will discuss with you.

The facial plastic surgery patient requires personal motivation, realistic expectations and the patience to allow the initial swelling after surgery to subside before the operation can be considered successful. Surgical results will be affected by such factors as patient's age, health, skin texture, bone structure, ability to heal and the nature of the defect for which correction is sought. Because of these factors healing processes vary. Even the best surgical closure can result in scars that could be raised, firm or reddened. Such scars are called hypertrophic. Dark skinned patients are more likely to form hypertrophic scars.

Prospective patients should consider having a spouse or close friend attend their initial consultation. The presence of children can be a distraction to the patient as well as the doctor and other arrangements should be made for them during the meeting.

Cell phones and beepers should be turned off so that there are no distractions during the very important first contact between doctor and a prospective patient.

A supportive friend or family member can help you be at ease and assist in recalling details about the consultation that you might later overlook. While such support is helpful it is very important that the accompanying individual not monopolize the discussion of your goals for the surgery. The surgeon will need to learn what you,the patient, wants done not what someone else may think you want done.

A medical history will be taken. It will consist of information regarding your health and personal habits such as smoking, drinking and use of aspirin. An actual physical examination will be made of the region you wish to be corrected.

Pictures will be taken to help you visualize what the surgery may accomplish. Detailed information regarding surgical fees will be provided.

A second visit is usually necessary to go over all the details of the proposed procedure and to answer any questions that may have come up since the initial consultation.

One of the most important factors for successful facial plastic surgery is the relationship between the patient and the surgeon. These consultations provides the patient and the surgeon with the best opportunity to discuss everything involved with the desired procedure.