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Procedures that help you look better without surgery.

BOTOX: Is a treatment for facial wrinkles. It targets the muscular contractions that form lines from squinting and frowning. It restores the smooth, relaxed look to your face. It requires no recovery time and causes little pain. Botox blocks the nerve endings in the immediate area where injected. It only relaxes the overactive muscle underneath the dynamic wrinkle while the other elements of facial expression remains active.
The procedure is temporary.
Duration : 4 months

HYALURONIC ACID (Gelatine): the safest tissue filler on the market today. Consisting of hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in all living organisms. Esthelis or Restylane is produced by bacterial fermentation and contains non animal proteins. It is therefore not necessary to perform a skin test as the possibility of allergic reaction is remote.Recommended for smoothing lines and folds,lip sculpting,a more pouting look or enhancement of the lip borders.
The procedure is temporary.
Duration: 4 to 10 months

The choice of the therapy depends on the location and extend of the problem to be treated. All of these treatments provide additional and complementary aesthetic benefits when combined with other facial procedures such as facelift, eyelids or rhinoplasty.