The operation designed to diminish the changes of the aging face and neck is called a Rhytidectomy commonly known as Facelift. The ideal time to have a first facelift is before the condition gets too severe, when surgery is performed and your friends can't notice a drastic change. There is no magic age for having the operation, only you and your surgeon can decide when the time is right for you.

Facelift surgery has changed dramatically in recent years. We now have methods for supporting and tightening the underlying muscles and fat pads before tightening the skin and removing the excess. Because of the new techniques we can adapt the facelift operation to the patient's specific needs.

The operation can be performed in a hospital or ambulatory surgical center. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or with a combination of mild sedatives and local anesthesia.

After the operation some swelling and bruising can be expected. It subsides within the first few days. Pain is quite rare, sutures are removed in a few days and make up can be applied shortly thereafter. The correction of excessive sagging of the skin of the face and neck should give the patient a more rested and youthful appearance.


What is a Mini face lift ?

The Mini face lift compare to the traditional face lift is a lesser invasive procedure that reduces minor sagging around the cheeks and Jawline , does not require overnight stay and is usually done under sedation or local anesthesia.